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• Software Application to manage Keri’s NXT TCP/IP-based hardware platform
• Native Microsoft .NET application
• Familiar Doors™-like operation, but with enhanced features and updated look and feel
• Integrated Badging and CCTV (optional)
• Client/Server Architecture provides Multiple Concurrent Operators
• Microsoft SQL™ Database with Stored Procedure operation for speed and reliabilityDoors.NET ™
Access Control Software . . . designed for today’s IT environments
• Automatic, 1-button configuration or Manual configuration of hardware
• Photo Recall on card presentation
• Built-in flexible reports, plus “Reports-on-the-Fly”
• E-mail/SMS Messaging on specified events
• Integrated Reflections™ Digital Video
Doors.NET™ is Keri’s newest access control software application, designed to manage
the NXT TCP/IP-based hardware platform. It was designed natively in Microsoft’s .NET
platform and utilizes their SQL database engine with all instructions and communication
with the database done through Stored Procedures, making responses lightning quick.
Like it’s predecessor Doors™, the software is extremely easy to learn and operate, yet
powerful enough to meet most applications. In addition to the sophisticated access
control functionality it provides, Doors.NET allows multiple Operators to manage and
monitor multiple sites concurrently, and provides integrated badging (optional) and
CCTV integration.
   As a contractor, we are pleased to offer teams of well-trained and qualified low-voltage technicians fully trained and well versed in all realms of the technology.
We are pleased to work with any product you may have chosen or have been recommended to use. We have training in most major brands and equipment. Our technicians have been experienced in the security field and are especially well trained in video surveillance and electronic access control. 
Security Systems   Our associate Venture Alarms offers a complete Security Service  including systems, monitoring and follow-up services
Home Automation:
   In addition to the full line of Video Surveillance Products and Excellent lines of Electronic Access Control devices, we also offer a complete line of home automation as well other power-line and  network devices and services.
Cameras and Video Surveillance Products:
  We have access to virtually ALL of the commercially available systems and devices. We feel that the best results are to use the best devices for the desired result. We will inspect the areas and/or the situation before deciding on a camera. it is our belief that the cameras must meet the need and be the best for that purpose.
 Planning Specs and Design
      Please e-mail me your needs as you see them and I will be able to direct you through the design phase so we can come up with the best possible system.    E-Mail      add a rough drawing if possible.  If you are building or renovating and the design built into your new area - please send a copy of the design-prints (white-prints) and we will be pleased to design your system into the build with the specifics for the trades that will be involved.
Cameras are numerous and very from manufacturers. Every camera and every device should ensure that your needs are met and that the cameras don't dictate your needs.






   GE Clark & Associates offers professional consultants to assess and recommend . We are pleased to discuss your specific problems and assist you in the proper and effective system for your needs.
Doors.NET ™
Access Control Software . . . designed for today’s IT environments