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GE Clark and Associates has recently begun to offer monitoring and other security packages utilizing the services of our associates at Venture Alarms of Langley, BC.
We also have entered and associations with a number of other professionals who offer the best in Loss Prevention Tools to the Retail Merchant Trade. Our associates specialize in the retail area and cover the entire loss prevention realm.
We have developed and now offer a complete managed access control, CCTV systems as well as POS and integrated security.
GE Clark & Associates have developed a large array of products and services that offer almost all the services required in the modern business sector.

 We use DSC Security Systems as well as several other brands. Our experience is vast as well as the array of products is limited only by the availability and the time to procure them.

The Home automation industry has begun to surge in popularity and usefulness. We have also kept up with the most advanced units and able to assist our clients to achieve their goals and objectives.
GE Clark & Associates has recently begun handling and excellent web-based access control system designed specifically for network operation. This is one of the few access control systems that is NOT just the same old thing with a lan module. Smart Ethernet Multi-door Access Control systems have been developed and tested over the last 10 years. We are pleased to announce that we will now be carrying the newest and most advanced systems in both multi-door as well as a single 1 or 2 door controller versions. The multi-door systems are a fully controlled modules and the software is completely networked and does not require any special software additions or specialized programming to operate remotely from your terminal or remote computer services. These devices are beautifully set-up and operate smoothly through any network. We have had great success with wireless services through expertly set-up wireless communication system and internet services we have developed.
   We also offer a full line of Web-based POS and Time and Attendance systems.
   Our Smart Ethernet systems also offer the ability to use generic readers as well as any of the many biometric readers that are being developed almost daily.
  We have taken on a line of "star-light" cameras. These cameras are designed to operate with an absolute minimum of light with-out the need for infra-red illuminators.  The camera takes the existing light levels and multiplies the light to illuminate what would normally not be view-able.
 GE Clark & Associates has a complete line of Cameras for all uses. We have several models of "Covert" and "Hidden" cameras as well as numerous other specialty cameras and uses. Whatever your needs are - we can help plan and design your new system.
   We are proud to announce we are now KERI SYSTEMS dealers and we offer the entire KERI line of access control systems.  KERI is the one of the best in electronic access control systems and is in use in several "High-level" operations around the world.
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 GE Clark and Associates continues to sell a complete line of products as well as to assist our clients in any way we possibly can.